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Lifesafer Interlock Inc Reviews

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  • lIfesaver is a money drainer

    I have now gone through 2 batteries that the device has drained. Just before it drained my second battery I got up to go to work. I am a housekeeper and carry my own supplies. I didn't realize that my broom handle had put pressure down on my aerosol stainless steel cleaner so when I got in my car 5 min later the odor was really strong. I decided I would wait till after work to clean the mess. I did my start up blow and got a fail. I knew it must be the spray so I opened the windows and doors and let it air out a few minutes and tried again. This time I got a warn. I drove to work and... More...
  • Lifesaver is awful

    I've had multiple issues with this device so I'll just list them. Dead batteries (had to purchase new ones)- radio CD player clock not working- permanently locked out for no reason- long wait times for warm up (30 minutes) -horn blowing uncontrollably - failed test without alcohol in my system- lights on dashboard quit working- poor customer service.It seems that they take no responsibility for their own faulty equipment (always the customers fault which means more%uD83D%uDCB2%uD83D%uDCB2%uD83D%uDCB2. More...
    Fudged's Picture   Fudged    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lifesafer drains battery

    I have had battery issues lately. The first time my car died I had it towed to the Interlock service center. They said everything checked out and jump started my car. I continued to have multiple issues with a drained battery. Never knew if when I went to start my car (a 2015 Mazda CX5) if it would actually start. I finally took it to the dealer out of desperation. The car died in their bay waiting for them to get in contact with Lifesafer to be able to disconnect the battery. They put in a new battery and once they connected the handset there was an abnormal amount of draw. They... More...
    tdriver's Picture   tdriver    1 Comments   Comments

    What a joke and a piece of crap. I go out this morning and blew into it I of course pass and then my vehicle won't start....... It then says low battery, I am pretty sure there was nothing wrong with my battery before the install. So sitting outside where it is -16 it then says it is warming up and that was going to take 4:23 minutes LMFAO YET it said low battery. SO OF COURSE it is going to have a low battery if it continuously draws power to then tell me I am not humming loud enough. It never said anything about low battery yesterday when I was out or when I got home. More...
    Annoyed1977's Picture   Annoyed1977    0 Comments   Comments
  • Frustrated beyond belief

    This has been the most frustrating piece of crap I have ever had to deal with. After a week of the installation, I got in my car after work (car is only a year old and battery tested strong upon installation) and turn my car on enough to power the device. NOTHING. I called the place of installation and they couldn't help. I called Life Safer and because I live in EST and the office is in CST, it took 15 minutes to get a tech on the phone. Of course, he was no help. There I sat in a 95 degree car which only added to my anger. I called my daughter to come pick me up and thought I... More...
  • lifesaver interlock device

    Horrible customer service and unsafe device. Constantly aborts, always beeping even in traffic so while your driving your constantly humming and blowing.It stays on 24/7 and will drain your battery. Tech support forget about it, no compassion, uncivil, and every time there is a issue its your fault. Don't expect any help after hours or on weekends they tell you there is but lie, and lie after lie. If I would of took the time to read these reviews I would of save myself so much misery, frustration, and stress. Better Business Bureau I will be calling on Monday and I've already... More...
    fooledbycom's Picture   fooledbycom    0 Comments   Comments
  • They don't show up for appointments!!

    My sons truck broke down so I called because he was going to miss scheduled appointment. They said that was fine since I called ahead and let them know. Several weeks later they lock him out of his truck. We call and pay to have a service tech come out to house. Appt was on Friday, they didn't show. They said would come Monday...didn't show, same with Tuesday. Called and they assured someone would come on Friday. Didn't come on Friday either. Tech calls me early Saturday morning and I missed the call. Called him back 7 measly minutes later and it went straight to... More...
    clm1125's Picture   clm1125    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service Horrible Product

    Completed my term of probation and now waiting on these people to get this horrible machine out of my car. Have my regular license back no restrictions still have not been able to get an answer as to when this faulty nonfunctioning product will be gone. Sent all my paperwork to them paid for the month and after speaking with customer service department they are not sure if they can prorate what I have paid and get money back, or will this have to go towards removal fee for them to get that piece of junk out of my car. The machine has blown one of my cylinders in my car. Now my front lock on... More...
    Shelly42's Picture   Shelly42    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service!

    I unfortunately have to have the Interlock device with camera and GPS. Oh well though at least I'm able to get myself to work and keep a job. My complaint is that if you ever need anything after hours or on the weekend you can forget it! Its cold here in Missouri right now, and apparently this cheaply made device can't handle it. The other night my fiance drove my car to the store. He comes out and there is a terribly loud noise coming from my car (caused by the device) this is the second time this has happened! The customer care team REFUSE to be of service as they are apparently... More...
    hreview's Picture   hreview    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't get it if you live an area whcih goes below 20 degrees

    State law is 3 Camera no picture lockouts. Lifesafer standards are ONE. Since the device when it gets Cold outside does not see the camera you need to get the device reset within 5 days or your call will need to be towed. Summer no problem, Winter this device is really a major league poorly designed device. I had the non-camera model in the past with no issues. The Camera model needs to be reset every week due to cold weather and no it is not my charging system and/or battery which prevents the unit from seeing the camera, it is a poorly designed product which does not work in COLD weather.... More...
    ck100's Picture   ck100    3 Comments   Comments
  • Unsafe to use

    I recently made a very poor choice and got behind the wheel of my car after I had been drinking. As a result of that poor choice I am now in a diversion program in Oregon. As part of that diversion program I am required to have an Ignition Interlock device installed on my car. Although I agree with the concept, I believe this device is very unsafe and creates a dangerous driving distraction. I totally agree with having to provide a proper breath sample to get the car to start BUT due to people trying to circumvent the system you have to retest again at 5 minutes and every 30 minutes after... More...
    stressedout's Picture   stressedout    2 Comments   Comments
  • money hags

    Hi I have life safer in North ga. Let's be real from the get go this whole service is tedious however having the interlock device for 6-8 months with them doesn't make anything easier or better. They are money hags and have dull customer service. If they can charge u they will. And they don't care. The girl that answers the phone is usually is the same bilingual broad with a telephone voice with the essence of a dying baby bat. I am a receptionist myself and feel like the only reason she got the job is bc she is bilingual because other than that she makes the whole aura of... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    moraruca's Picture   moraruca    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not life safer but lifesevere

    I have used life safer II for 6 months. At the location where I was getting the service, they were not telling me when the due date was, they did not put anything on the invoice either. I know, the instrument(II) signals by flushing a light but it does not exactly tell you when is the right date to go. I used to pay at certain date and assumed that I had to go at that time. But I do not know how changed the date and expected me to go there before 3 days of my normal time. As I thought my service day way as usual, I could not take the car to the shop and it finally locked out. They have a 5... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Davo's Picture   Davo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Faulty interlock device bad customer service

    Lifesafer Interlock Inc installs faulty devices on your vehicle so you can pay them more money, the device I have has locked me out 4 days before my install appointment and their customer service people could care less, all they want to do is send a mobile tech to my home for an additional $85.00. It makes no sense that this device has so much control over your car / life. I just hope and pray nothing serious happens to anyone or their children because they have this useless piece of junk on their car. More...
    Faye37's Picture   Faye37    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Product, Horrible Service and Unhappy Employees

    First off I don't blame Lifesafer for me being required to install an interlock device. I did that all on my own. However, don't think for a second you are Lifesafer's customer. Their customers are the courts, lawyers and alchohol treatment counselors...many I believe get kick backs from Lifesafer. From my experiece after they sign you up they could care less about you. Their installation reps from my experiece could care less also. Every appointment resuilted in a 2-3 hour wait with snarly, snotty people who treated me like a criminal. The device is horrible. It... More...
    brad97209's Picture   brad97209    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad service

    I had my interlock device transferred to my fiances car and paid $100. It turns out we were able to start the car without blowing. I called to file a complaint due to the inconvenience of having this fixed and the representative questions me as if I'm at fault. No apology or anything. This is very unprofessional. I told her I want a complaint filed and said she would do it and let her supervisor know. But she made me feel as if I was wrong. Asking when and where I work, why I wouldn't be able to get to Orkney on time because they had to come out and fix it etc etc. my... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Inremotion's Picture   Inremotion    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cold Weather and Service lights

    My first bad experience was when I was inside a couple mins longer than anticipated and I went out to my car to find the alarm going off, so I blew into to get it started. My technician doesn't like working on Dodge vehicals so he said he didn't hook it up to have the Horn alarm go off. I had to take time off my new job to have my interlock reset because it wasn't installed correctly. Secondly, I have not been able to drive to work twice now in a week because my interlock gets to cold. I do everything they say, take off the mouth piece, put it upside down, and wrap a towel... More...
    lluebbe's Picture   lluebbe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lifesafer fails as a company and a device.

    The device constantly malfunctions and the interlock customer service is horrible. The device will signal a test pass and then begin requesting a test immediately afterwards. It does this at random. The warm up time for this device is much longer than other devices that I've observed. Also, abort frequency and false failure seems to be much higher. Over the phone and technical customer service is very unprofessional. I had my device installed on February 6. Two months later, with continued encouragement, Washington State has still failed to receive any paperwork. This is... More...
    WredLab's Picture   WredLab    3 Comments   Comments
  • Device & Company is a bogus product/company

    A former employee of the LifeSafer company. I was forced to lie to the consumer about the product. It had major defects in the system since October 2012 and it was NOT disclosed to me or the employees of the company. The company lied to me too. They blamed the consumer on the fails and lockout's when it was the product and not the consumer. The consumer's need to contact the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and their State Atty General's office to make a formal complaint. We all need to contact 60 minutes or the local television stations to do a major investigation on the company... More...
    1939Buick's Picture   1939Buick    3 Comments   Comments
  • where do i start?

    I dont even know where to start with this. I know the state law is .02 but that doesnt mean i cant get any help. I have tried to call and ask for help with my issue not I am once again left with no answers and crying. once a month i get a fail even though i DO NOT drink anymore, I have changed my like no more eating or drinking in my car except watch, always drink water before my test no more car fresheners or perfume. They did replace my unit but only after 4 months of me tell them something was wrong with it they tech finally saw it malfunction and THEN they changed it. this machine and... More...
    (Legal Services)
    2eyeswide's Picture   2eyeswide    2 Comments   Comments


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